South Florida’s Premier Commercial Real Estate

Bansi Properties

Bansi is a real estate firm focusing on building, renovating, operating, and managing commercial real estate properties in South Florida. Our in-house team specializes in acquiring value-add assets and modernizing them for office and mixed-use tenants. We currently own and operate over 300,000 sq. ft. of leasable area.

Acquisition & Development

Bansi acquires and builds exceptional commercial properties for cross-functional and cross-industry uses. Our portfolio consists of medium to large commercial buildings and spaces in the South Florida area.

Facility Planning

We design and create custom spaces for mixed-use, clinical and non-clinical, commercial leasing based on the occupants' needs by optimizing workflows to meet ergonomic and environmental requirements.

Leasing and Selling

Bansi maintains stellar relationships with brokers and negotiates fair sale, lease, and renewal terms by developing key benchmarks to identify flaws and improve our properties based on contemporary trends.

Facility & Property Management

We manage our facilities entirely from top to bottom with quality care, attentiveness, and promptness. We attend to all maintenance requests as soon as they are requested, no matter what the maintenance issue entails.